Newbie mistake: My First Blog post is going to be about ME!

This is my very first post in my very first blog EVER! I’ve always been fascinated by people who dedicate time to create content and share life from their perspective and I wanted to give it a try. A friend of mine was the main reason I started this blog, she was very interested in knowing more about my daily war with my inner self and the beautiful life around me (Sarcasm but not sarcasm) I plan to share on a weekly basis something about my life as a Palestinian abroad for the 6th year now without the luxury of being able to visit back.

Me… I’m a 27 years old (oh snap now it sunk in) Palestinian (I know the country doesn’t exist anymore) thus, the ones like me out there are about to extinct (the full half of the cup tells me to focus on me being a rare creature rather than the dilemma itself). Aaaaanyways, bottom line I’m born in a country, raised in another (Palestine fits here), lived in 4 others, got kicked out from one (Jordan) and forced to stay in another (Qatar)… now I can’t go home, or don’t know what home feels like anymore. I feel uprooted without a sense of belonging… I daydream a lot, I call myself a fighter! emotionless sometimes… I don’t have anyone around me who would care about anything I would right here!


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