An Unattended Wedding Invitation. My Own Brother’s.

Not Reviewed, Not Edited. Straight chaotic thoughts to keyboard strokes! (Typos Alert).


Is it me or you also feel that this blog allowed me to express what I have been keeping to myself for years. Having a place to write down things instead of keeping them inside was a good idea! It feels much better as if a weight has been lifted off. The idea that someone like you out there is reading this feels as if he/ she shares the burden and helps me carry on. I know that I am complaining a lot these days throwing three posts in a raw where I talk about me me me and how unusual my life is, but I guess that’s going to be the theme –  welcome to my life. I’ll try as much as I can to throw a couple of happy posts here and there out of optimism.

The reason I am writing you is because I have a happy occasion in the family, one that happened three times already (as three of my siblings are married) and will only happen twice more (yes I Have 6 siblings but don’t panic). Anyways, next Wednesday 5th April 2017 will be my youngest brother’s wedding. Under usual circumstances that’s a happy occasion and this would have been a happy post! or maybe I wouldn’t have written about it because I’d be too busy helping in the wedding preparations.

As the groom’s brother, I am the one to stand by him in preparation for his bachelors party, a gathering of friends and family celebrating the night before the wedding (which looks something like the photo down there), Yet, here I am 2,520 kilometers away trying to ask for some updates or pictures from my family to see how are the preparations going along. If you live in a normal world and wanted to know how that feels, am sorry but I don’t know any metaphor in the world would be suitable to describe how to feel like a stranger in your own family.

bachelors party.jpg
A random photo I pulled out from Pinterest that has a similar setup to bachelor parties in Palestine

How difficult should it be to attend your own brother’s wedding! life shouldn’t be made that difficult, specially if your home is literally a few hours plane ride. Palestine is not that far away from Qatar. I can’t even dare to stand at the Palestinian boarder despite having a Palestinian ID (semi-Palestinian at least, I’ll explain in another post) and a Palestinian Passport (the bless of my life). I understand that it is far beyond complicated to answer the following question, but out of frustration I am just going to throw it out there… wondering why no one in the Palestinian or the Israeli Governments can do or cares to do something about that!

I just wish I can log into, click Flights from Doha > Palestine – pay the couple of hundred $ and head up to the airport. Say hi to my family, attend my brothers wedding, have a ton of Palestinian scrumptious food made by my mom, and then head back to Doha again to resume life! As an expat, don’t I deserve to feel home for a bit every now and then.  How are we in 2017 and travelling to some places of the world is still not possible. #sigh #boarders #StuffIhavetoEndure #Brother’swedding2017 #nofamilytimeforme #mymom #PalestineorIsrael #Thestoryofmylife

Out of curiosity and pure imaginary thinking, I search flights to Palestine (pretending everything is possible), and this is what I found. I don’t want to start again so I’ll have to end this post here and keep it to myself. Maybe for the next post or the one after I explain the not so simple story of why I have a semi-Palestinian/Israeli ID.

Flights to Palestine
Why Google Flights Can’t Find Palestine on the Map?



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