My Hunch was Right…Gaza Under Attack on Eid Festivity

Aren’t we tired from the Same play over and over again. 3 days only after I wrote my last post about how fearful I am for my family and for my mother specifically, this sh*^ happens. The usual play of “rockets fired from within Gaza” for some reason, and despite Gaza is smaller than Singapore itself, miraculously no one knows who did it. Everytime the Israeli Offence wants to justify attacks, again miraculously they’re given that on a silver platter.

I wake up today to the news of my own people between wounded and in critical condition. I read the lines and it strikes me that my hunch was right (read my precious blog post), I start walking around my room, stand in the corners, talk to myself and try to convince myself my family are ok. I can’t get a hold of them now because they have no power to turn internet or cellphone towers. See, the bless in Gaza is that you have a power station, but fuel isn’t allowed in! The only thread of updates connects me to my family now, is a newsbar at various news channels. We might be lucky to take the headlines, but when you’re family is at stake, and you get owned by the fear of losing them, even HEADLINES don’t help! And the nerve wrecking play is reworded again.


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