Other Great Blogs About Palestine

Gaza MOM is a blog I just came across this blog of a Palestinian mom living in Palestine-Gaza. The Blog is actually something that narrates so much more than the real aspects of life in the Strip, and I think it is worth an applaud for someone who’s a parent, under war and still can dedicate time to tell the story. Much more, a must read. Click Here to Go to Gaza Mom Blog.


PALESTINE SQUARE is the blog of the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS), an independent research and publishing nonprofit organization, dedicated exclusively to the study of Palestine, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and regional and international developments affecting Palestine. Click Here to Go to Palestine Square Blog.

Palestine Square.JPG

A third-generation refugee born in Jabalia Refugee Camp, in northern Gaza Strip writes her story, her own unique, yet familiar story  of how she has grown up with scenes of horror and injustice surrounding her since she was a child but she refused to dwell as a helpless victim stuck in a circle of victimhood, and decided to deploy her energy to protest surrounding oppression, which I found very empowering. Click Here to Go to Palestine From My Eyes Blog.



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